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Kaba Kick, Russian Roulette Gun For Kids! One of the Worst Fail Toys Ever Reviewed by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia. This is one of The Most Famous Fail Toys of All Time! Made by Takara around 1992, It was actually considered an Urban Legend that They were Actually Made and Sold! But they Are Real. Mike Mozart has a New Kaba Kick Russion Roulette Toy for Kids mint in the Box! Check out ALL Mike Mozart's Best Funny Videos of Epic Fail Toys on YouTube!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kaba Kick Russian Roulette Gun for Kids! One of the Toy Ten WORST Toys Ever!

The Kaba Kick is absolutely one of the Worst Fail toys Ever made!

The actual Box image of the Kaba Kick, Russian Roulette Gun for Kids has Actually become an Internet Meme for the Worst Toy Fails of All time! This is one of Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia's Rarest and Funniest Fail Toys Ever!

The Kaba Kick was actually a Game where the children picked up random bullets ( All were Duds Except one) They would Chamber the Bullet and Pull the trigger to see if they would SURVIVE! What a Fun Game OF DEATH! Check out the Video to see the Famed Kaba Kick Epic Fail Toy in Action!

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